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Andy & The Odd Socks

Andy & The Odd Socks

Welcome to the CRAZY and WONDERFUL world of 'Andy and the Odd Socks'.

Come down to the Nottingham Arts Theatre for an after school treat!

I can’t wait for you to meet my Odd Sock friends…

Rio on Guitar,

Blu on Bass,

Moxy hitting the Drums

and Random Keith on Keys.

They are all bonkers!

We love telling stories and sing about all sorts of things from Aliens and Dinosaurs to Rapping Robots and even a Groovy Hoover!

You can listen to our songs by clicking the link below, or better still come and see us live at The Nottingham Arts Theatre.

And don’t forget to wear your odd socks!!!

Show starts at 5pm (doors open 4pm)

Tuesday 23 Oct 201817:00 Book Now
Ghost Lights Theatre Tour

Ghost Lights Theatre Tour

A theatre tour not for the faint of heart

Hear the truly chilling tales

Discover the labyrinthine back stage area

A theatre tour like no other

Join us in the Soho of Nottingham – the heart of historic Hockley – an area with 800 years of history.

Join us for our ghostly tour of George Street’s fantastic 200 year old building, the Nottingham Arts Theatre.

A theatre tour not for the faint of heart

Hear the truly chilling tales of the mirror man, the dark man, the restless souls of long dead children and the spirits and spectres of the auditorium.

Discover the labyrinthine back stage area, see the rehearsal spaces, dressing rooms, green room, and put yourself in an actors shoes for opening night, on stage before a packed auditorium.

A theatre tour like no other

PLEASE NOTE…              
Arrive ready for a 7:00pm start

The tour lasts approximately 1 ½ hours and is limited to a maximum of 20 people.

As there are stairs, some quite steep, the tour is not recommended for the infirm.

The Nottingham Arts Theatre is a working building so the content of the tours may vary and due to rehearsals some areas may occasionally be closed.

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Shakespeare Schools Festival '18

Shakespeare Schools Festival '18

Shakespeare Schools Foundation uses the unique power of Shakespeare to transform lives. We are the world’s largest youth drama festival, enabling close to 1,000 schools to bring their interpretations of Shakespeare to 130 professional theatres across the UK.

Being part of SSF is a life-changing opportunity for young people to gain professional theatre experience and to perform in front of a paying audience alongside their peers from other schools. It may well be the first time in a professional theatre building for some of the students and indeed the

audience members.

Each performance night aims to be a celebration of the young people who take part; to bring a community together and to raise the profile of the arts.

Romeo and Juliet

South Nottinghamshire Academy

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Oakwood Junior School

The Tempest

The Minster School

Thursday 8 Nov 201819:00 Book Now
Jane Weaver; Loops in the Secret Society

Jane Weaver; Loops in the Secret Society

Loops in the Secret Society: Cyclic variations of Modern Kosmology and The Silver Globe.

Audio/visual zoetropes performed by Jane Weaver.

Long established pop composer, sound sculptress, soundtracker and singer Jane Weaver presents an evening of unique atmospheric audio/visual segments performing solo variations of songs from her critically acclaimed albums ‘The Silver Globe’ and ‘Modern Kosmology’.

An unshakable figure in the U.K’s experimental pop music landscape for over three decades, with eight full-length albums to her name, Jane’s self-propelled career has in recent years reached a critical zenith with unanimous praise spanning various multi-disciplinary fields on a multitude of new global pastures.

Named after a standout track on her latest album, Modern Kosmology, Loops In The Secret Society – Jane’s first solo tour in over five years – sees her continue to channel new depths of cosmic energy with a fragile web of melodic codes, vocal treatments, cyclic cinematic motifs and expanding drum drones via her assemblage of custom-built vinyl discs, unlikely instrumentation, tape loops and zoetropic imagery.

The Loops In The Secret Society tour reveals another dimension to Jane Weaver’s ever expanding oeuvre, further reinstating the artist as one of Europe’s most inspiring, inceptive and independent female performers and one of the truly vital architects of progressive pop music and creative songwriting of this generation.

Friday 9 Nov 201819:30 Book Now
Behind the Mirror

Behind the Mirror

Short Film Showcase

A young woman is sentenced to anger management, a London cabbie recounts his experiences, a daughter struggles with her mentally ill mother, a boy wants to get attention from his parents and more in Tuesday night shorts.

Shorts films playing are: Emma and the Fury, Brink, Every Day the Same Thing, Everyday, Blackout,

9862 and Mind Game

Feature Presentation: Behind the Mirror

Dietmar Gamper / Italy / 73 Minutes / German With Englisgh Subtitles

Starring: Hanna Weithaler, Veronika Pircher, Walter Tribus

This fairy comedy tells the fantastic daydream of Ljuba, sitting in a bizarre school world made of

cardboard and struggling herself through a scary reality dominated by technology and progress only.

All the sudden the glorious singing angel Klarina appears and inspires her music teacher Engelbert to compose a master piece of music. Engelbert is now forced to withstand an incredible trip through Heaven and Hell and to finally face the truth about the world behind the mirror.

Tuesday 13 Nov 201819:00 Book Now


Short Film Showcase

A woman lets the roll of a dice decide her fate, two teenage lovers hide a dark secret, Mark Addy

looks to reconnect with his family and an animated documentary explore’s perceptions of time in

Wednesday night shorts.

Shorts films playing are: The vertigo, Heart's Ease, New Year, Elsewhere, Roll A Seven Go To Heaven and KCLOC.

Feature Presentation: PhantomPain

Andreas Olenberg / Germany / 98 Minutes / German with English Subtitles

Starring: Daniel Littau, Sven Martinek, Jessica Boehrs

Two years after his brother’s deadly car accident, Finn meets senior consultant Ben Eisenberg again.

Ben was the surgeon responsible that time and told Finn and his parents about the boy’s death. In the course of the journey in Finn’s taxi, Finn suspects that there is more behind his family tragedy. When he finds out that there are no medical reports about his brother in the system of the hospital he becomes suspicious. He breaks into Ben’s house and discovers that his brother neither died of heart failure nor any other natural cause.

Wednesday 14 Nov 201819:00 Book Now
When the Storm Fades

When the Storm Fades

Short Film Showcase
Will an actor go to extreme lengths? A teacher discovers her students cheating, a young couple deal with betrayal, and an animated story of a rescue on stormy seas are all part of Thursday night shorts.

Feature Presentation: When the Storm Fades

Sean Devlin / Canada / 81 Minutes / English Language

Starring: Kayla Lorette, Ryan Beil

A genre defying docudramedy starring a real Filipino family re-enacting their daily struggle to

recover from the strongest storm in recorded history - 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan. Their journey

intertwines with a pair of inept white saviors.

Thursday 15 Nov 201819:00 Book Now
Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

When fun, perky California girl Elle Woods gets dumped by her “serious” boyfriend, she and her sorority sisters plan the ultimate scheme to win him back.
Her journey takes her to the hallowed halls of Harvard Law School, where she encounters bad tempered professors, poorly styled perms and to top it all off… her ex’s frumpy new fiancée!

Featuring a fabulously fun Tony-nominated soundtrack, jaw-dropping chorus routines, and the talents of fifty of Nottingham’s soon-to-be-doctors, Legally Blonde is a feel-good spectacle from start to finish!

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Beauty and the Beast 2018

Beauty and the Beast 2018

A Family Pantomime written and directed by Amanda Hall

Sat 1st - Sun 16th Dec 2018

Meet our beautiful bookworm Belle who finds herself trapped inside an enchanted chateau by a mysterious beast! Along with Madame Macaron, Idle Jacques, Gustave and Philippe there's magic, mayhem and much much more...

Come and join us this Christmas for the best family pantomime around.

Tickets:  Adults £15-£16   /  Concessions £13-£14  / Family Ticket (4 tickets) £44-£48

School and group rates available via the Box Office

Saturday 1 Dec 201814:00 Book Now
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Romeo and Juliet '19

Romeo and Juliet '19

Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare is a tragic love story where Romeo and Juliet, sworn enemies, fall in love. An ongoing feud between the Capulets and the Montagues breaks out again on the streets of Verona. Both sides are warned by Prince Escalus that they must not disturb the peace again, on pain of death.ongoing conflict, they cannot be together.

Thursday 7 Feb 201919:00 Book Now
Friday 8 Feb 201919:00 Book Now
Saturday 9 Feb 201919:00 Book Now