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A Night in the Spotlight

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Saturday 21 Oct 201719:30 Book Now

To celebrate World Singing Day, Spotlight Theatre Company invite you to enjoy a night of music, including Musicals, Pop Music and Music from all the ages, performed by Spotlight Pupils and Tutors.

West Side Story 2017

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Wednesday 25 Oct 201719:30 Book Now
Thursday 26 Oct 201719:30 Book Now
Friday 27 Oct 201719:30 Book Now

A musical in which a modern day Romeo and Juliet are involved in New York street gangs. On the harsh streets of the upper west side, two gangs battle for control of the turf. The situation becomes complicated when a gang member falls in love with a rival's sister.

Ghost Lights

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Monday 30 Oct 201718:30 Book Now
Monday 30 Oct 201720:00 Book Now
Monday 13 Nov 201719:00 Book Now
Monday 11 Dec 201719:00 Book Now

An exclusive haunted tour around the Nottingham Arts Theatre, brought to you by the Original Nottingham Ghost Walk and The Nottingham Arts Theatre.

Every 2nd Monday of the Month

£10 tickets

20 places per tour

Jerry Sadowitz: Comedian, Magician, Psycopath!

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Friday 3 Nov 201719:30 Book Now

Jerry Sadowitz - comedian, magician, and all round scary man is back!! Actually he saved petrol and never left!!  With his unique combination of comedy, absolute hatred, and card tricks, every moment is guaranteed to make you feel better about YOURSELF as he bangs on about some pish or other. Last week it was something about cutting up eyeballs for baby boxes???? This week it could be about the situation in Sandi Toksvig. One thing's for sure.. Whatever he says, it will be ripped off. Except the card tricks.. You have to be bloody good to do them.

Strictly over 18's only!

‘The most exciting act in town’ The Metro

‘Funniest comedian in Britain" The Guardian

‘World class sleight of hand magician’ Evening Standard

Eleanor Conway Walk of Shame

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Friday 10 Nov 201720:00 Book Now

Some people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, one person that puts her money where her mouth is, is comedian Eleanor Conway.  Her debut stand up show ‘Walk of Shame’, premiered at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival to critical acclaim and is currently on a huge nationwide UK tour.

Ferocious clubber and party girl Eleanor Conway has always been a woman of extremes; she partied around the world as a music journalist, ran off to Asia to work for The Triads, made hard-core porn and Tinder’d her way through most of London. Now sober from alcohol and substances she’s failing to find moderation and meaning. This critically acclaimed comedy debut is about sex, sobriety and the modern addict, and following a sell-out 30 date national tour it returns to Edinburgh Festival before coming to the Nottingham Arts Theatre.

Age 16+

The Academy Presents: Synergy

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Saturday 11 Nov 201712:00 Book Now
Saturday 11 Nov 201717:00 Book Now

The Academy Dance Studio invites you to come and watch Synergy! A showcase of our talented students in different dance styles and musical theatre.

Shakespeare Schools Festival 2017

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Thursday 16 Nov 201719:00 Book Now

Shakespeare Schools Foundation uses the unique power of Shakespeare to transform lives. We are the world’s largest youth drama festival, enabling over 1,000 schools to bring their interpretations of Shakespeare to 138 professional theatres across the UK.

Being part of SSF is a life-changing opportunity for young people to gain professional theatre experience and to perform in front of a paying audience alongside their peers from other schools. It may well be the first time in a professional theatre building for some of the students and indeed the audience members.

Each performance night aims to be a celebration of the young people who take part; to bring a community together and to raise the profile of the arts in your region.

We hope you enjoy the Festival.

Joy to the World

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Saturday 18 Nov 201719:00 Book Now

Claude the contract cleaner is employed by the local theatre; she received a vision from God to write about Mary and Joseph prior to the birth of Jesus.  Claude informs her fellow workers about her written play gaining an insight of how she sees her Saviour Jesus Christ; her fellow workers see a different side to Claude who takes them on a journey where they themselves also become part of the play.  A musical play with town sellers, village gossiper seeking to marry the handsome bachelor Joseph the carpenter.  Joy to the World includes a singing Herod obsessed with authority, a Paige scared of his own shadow, three wise men with no sense of directions along with Shepherds.  This musical is a worship experience bringing to life the visions of a simple cleaner who writes from the book of Luke. Jesus Christ born to save, he is the Joy to the world.

Written and Directed by Sharon Jackson

Copyright March 2016

Unite The Scene 2017

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Friday 24 Nov 201719:30 Book Now
Saturday 25 Nov 201719:30 Book Now

In 2017, Unite The Scenes' performance platform returns to the Nottingham Arts Thetare.

Inviting you to an evening of live performances, Unite The Scene presents work from some of the finest dance companies, crews and artists from across the region.

Jack and the Beanstalk 2017

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Saturday 2 Dec 201714:00 Book Now
Sunday 3 Dec 201713:00 Book Now
Sunday 3 Dec 201718:00 Book Now
Wednesday 6 Dec 201714:00 Book Now
Wednesday 6 Dec 201719:00 Book Now
Thursday 7 Dec 201719:00 Book Now
Friday 8 Dec 201719:00 Book Now
Saturday 9 Dec 201714:00 Book Now
Saturday 9 Dec 201719:00 Book Now
Sunday 10 Dec 201713:00 Book Now
Sunday 10 Dec 201718:00 Book Now
Wednesday 13 Dec 201714:00 Book Now
Wednesday 13 Dec 201719:00 Book Now
Thursday 14 Dec 201719:00 Book Now
Friday 15 Dec 201719:00 Book Now
Saturday 16 Dec 201714:00 Book Now
Saturday 16 Dec 201719:00 Book Now
Sunday 17 Dec 201713:00 Book Now
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