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The Addams Family Young@Part

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Saturday 24 Mar 201814:00 Book Now
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The Importance of Being Earnest

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Saturday 31 Mar 201819:30 Book Now

This classic Victorian comedy of mistken identities centres around a fictitious character call Ernest, assumed by two friends, Jack Worthing and Alegernon Moncrieff, in pursuit of matrimony. When they are forced to reveal their true identities, only something of a miracle can resolve the uncomfortable situation.

We Love Theatre April 2018

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Monday 9 Apr 201809:30 Book Now

A workshop week teaching
And Technical Theatre

Ghost Lights Theatre Tour

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Spring Storm

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Thursday 12 Apr 201819:30 Book Now
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Young Heavenly Critchfield is the girl all the boys want, especially the rich and

refined Arthur Shannon, but she’s in love (or lust) with the rough Dick Miles. The

epitome of the tragic southern belle, Heavenly struggles to reconcile her sensual

yearnings with her societal duty. The play, which takes place in the small town of

Port Tyler, Mississippi in the Spring of 1937, is a classic deep South tale of

adolescent rites of passage which prefigures the tragic female characters and lyric

romanticism of Williams’ later works, such as The Glass Menagerie.


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Saturday 14 Apr 201819:30 Book Now (Closed)

THE HUNTER THEATRE COMPANY present to you their first, original production on their UK tour; STAY ....

Cleo and George were the perfect couple; young and in love, the world at their feet. Until Cleo makes a decision that sends George on a downward spiral. Can they rebuild their broken relationship? Will Cleo find the strength to forgive George for the damage he has caused?

A dark story with sinister consequences. Full of betrayal and heartache, this gutsy, original contemporary drama is not one to be missed.

Fugee & Burying Your Brother in the Pavement

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Friday 20 Apr 201819:30 Book Now
Saturday 21 Apr 201819:30 Book Now

Inspire Academy present two one-hour productions in one evening, featuring some

of the best new and emerging talent in Nottinghamshire.

Fugee: In 2016, 3290 unaccompanied children sought asylum in the UK. This is the

devastating story of 14 year old Kojo. His family murdered in front of his eyes, he is

ripped from his home and thrown into the British asylum system as a child refugee. 

Fugee reminds us of the part that we play in the current migrant crisis, and of the fifty

million child refugees around the world running from conflict and poverty. Children

who just need a place to call home.

Burying Your Brother In The Pavement: A play about grief and looking at

someone that little bit more closely.

Tom’s brother Luke is dead. This has upset a lot of people but it hasn’t upset Tom.

Or, rather, it has upset him, but in ways he can’t explain. It’ds an odd decision - to try

and bury Luke in the pavement of the Tunstall Estate where he was killed. But to

Tom, it sort of makes sense. As he sleeps out on the pavement, he comes across

planning officials, tramps, undertakers, police officers, sisters, mothers, estate

agents, ghosts, and a strange lad called Tight who wants to sell him a Travelcard.


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Saturday 5 May 201819:30 Book Now (Closed)
Sunday 6 May 201819:30 Book Now (Closed)

Join us, NUDance, at our annual show where this year were celebrate a variety of vibrant arts, societies and cultures through dance!

25th Anniversary Showcase 2018

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Saturday 26 May 201818:30 Book Now
Sunday 27 May 201813:30 Book Now

Students of Nottingham Theatre Dance School present their 25 th Anniversary Showcase 2018 which promises to be

an excellent programme of entertainment. Produced by Jane Moreton, Students from age 3 years to adults will

perform Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics and Tap

showcasing the versatility of their dance and theatre training.


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This revolutionary pop-musical is set in the cold war in the 1980s.  Written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) and Tim Rice (Jesus Christ Superstar, The Lion King), Chess is a story of political hostility, power-play and passion.  Two chess grandmasters, Anatoly Segievsky, representing Russia and Frederick Trumper, the American battle to attain the world title, and they become the reluctant pawns of their governments as the game of chess is manipulated for political ends.

Meanwhile, the championship creates an emotional triangle when Florence, the American team's 'second' and Frederick's lover, falls for Anatoly as he defects to the West. But will the passion last or will Anatoly return to his homeland, and his family?  Including international hits 'I Know Him So Well' and 'One Night in Bangkok', the score combines incredibly moving numbers ('Anthem', 'Someone Else's Story', 'Pity the Child') with satirical commentaries on capitalism ('The Merchandisers') and politics ('Soviet Machine', 'Embassy Lament') to create an unforgettable musical masterpiece.

Beauty and the Beast 2018

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