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If I Catch Alphonso, Tonight

If I Catch Alphonso, Tonight

If I Catch Alphonso, Tonight!

A Musical Play telling the story of Nottingham’s own comedian – Billy Merson (1881-1947).

His career spanned half a century of theatrical history, encompassing music hall, revue, musical comedy and cinema – all set against the backdrop of two world wars.

His turbulent life is the subject of this new musical play that contains extracts from sixteen of his comic songs. Recently performed to great acclaim at the Brighton Fringe Festival, it is the story of a man who constantly found himself on the ropes but always bounced back. A born entertainer, he was the inspiration for future generations of comedians and his legacy lives on.

Billy Merson is played by Miles Jenner, accompanied by Roger Roser on the piano.

“….a terrific show. Witty, funny, entertaining and poignant. Brilliantly written and performed. So simple yet so complex with wonderful piano accompaniment. Never a dull moment.”


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