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Premiered at Nottingham Arts Theatre as part of its 60th anniversary season, The Nottingham Arts Theatre presents a radio play version of Mrs Gaskell's, Cranford, dramatised by Nottingham playwright Campbell Kay.

Cramford depicts a society dominated by an older generation of eccentric, petty and snobbish women who despite their quaint and old-fashioned attitudes, live life according to a strict moral code which puts a strong emphasis on humanity, loyalty, kindness and good neighborliness. Their society is also in transition; beset by financial crises, rising crime and the encroachment of industrilisation. Against their situation is movingly portrayed in this charming costume drama which captures all the delicacy, humor and sentiment of Elizabeth Gaskell's famous novel.

All proceeds from this production go to support the work of Nottingham Arts Theatre.

Registared Charity Number: 1085862

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